At the core of the Tom Kuhn brand mission is our passion for craftsmanship and artistry that reflect our profound respect for the past with keen fascination for the future. Our quest for the perfect yo-yo continues, infusing our values of service, integrity, innovation, design, tradition, education, and a lifetime of joy into every product; from the basic entry-level model to the most technologically advanced models, and all TK brand accessories.


In 1976, the quest for the perfect yo-yo began! Experimentation with fine northern hard maple-wood led to the first modular “No-Jive” yo-yo which invited exploration of longer spin times. Hard maple-wood axles used for fixed and modular models gave way to innovation and the adjustable string-gap ball-bearing SB2 was born. The SB2 Yo-Yo introduced a new opportunity for unprecedented creative play! A new “Art of Play” was born in the “State of Yo”.
Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos are renowned for their innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs. They are manufactured, assembled, then tested for quality and tuned for performance in the USA.

We build our yo-yos to last and provide a lifetime of fun. We proudly and unconditionally guarantee customer satisfaction.

In 2022, The quest for the perfect yo-yo continues!


Yo-Yo tricks are adventures in geometry, timing, concentration and self-expression. It is considered a STEM and STEAM-based educational product.
Tom Kuhn’s adjustable gap, ball bearing yo-yos will take you into the uncharted realm of advanced yo-yo choreography! The astonishingly long spin potential allows you the time to learn previously impossible moves and then invites you to embellish them!

Therapy; Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos, for some, are precision sensory instruments to sooth, ease and/or to improve motion and relieve stress.


On July 31, 1992, a Tom Kuhn SB2 yo-yo was sent aloft by NASA for a real around-the-world ride on the Atlantis Space Shuttle. It was employed as a prop for an educational video. Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman put it through zero G manoeuvres including slow motion yo-yoing.

The yo-yo traveled 3,321,007 miles and went around the world 127 times (!) before returning to earth on August 9.

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