Woody Yo-Yo Six Pack


Save 20% on your purchase of 6 Woody yo-yos

For your next special gathering such as scout groups, school group, or special interest gathering, consider a six pack of your favorite Woody yo-yos. Get this six pack of hard rock maple-wood, the quintessential fixed axle (not take-apart) classic profile wooden yo-yo and save. Nicely balanced and weighted, these fixed axle yo-yos are perfect for entry level players to learn and for seasoned players to challenge themselves to “Old School” play! Whether you’re exploring the world of yo-yo tricks for educational purposes, pushing the limits of choreography with advanced yo-yo technology, or finding solace and relaxation through therapeutic yo-yoing, Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos offer a diverse range of benefits and applications for enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.

Happy Yoing! https://tomkuhn.com/shop/woody-fixed-axle-yoyo-6-pack/

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