Introducing the Silver Bullet 4



Introducing the Silver Bullet 4 - uncategorizedOver thirty years after the world’s first take-a-part modular yo-yo was introduced by Dr. Tom Kuhn, the San Francisco dentist and team are at it again. The quest for perfection takes us on many journeys, exploring the world for inspiration. It has continued with our insistence on using American craftsmen to produce the very finest.

The SB4’s time has come! It is the culmination of a legendary quest for the perfect yo-yo, a passion for design, aesthetics, durability and performance. In a collaboration with the CYYC (Chico YoYo Co.) team who’s innovation in advanced yoyo technology and some machining mastery takes the SB4 to the pinnacle of form and function. We are thrilled with the results.

The SB4 yoyo is for players of all skill levels with two unique styles of play. The SB4 yoyo is for ease of mastering the basics to the most advanced tricks. For all players, new and seasoned vets, young and young at heart. It has been our philosophy that a true yo-yo player will play responsive and non-responsive platforms.

Responsive: Instal the narrow bearing and short axle included with your SB4. In this mode of play, the traditional “tug on the string” to cause the yoyo to return to the hand is required. Learn to perform a plethora of basic to many complex tricks designed around the responsive configuration. In this mode it is also a great stress reliever for those simply enjoying the therapeutic, calming “State of Yo”.

Non-responsive: Instal the large “C” bearing and long axle included with your SB4. In this mode of play, the SB4 is assembled for non-responsive play for those exploring new frontiers in the most advanced play, inventing new styles and for those passionate about performing mind blowing routines. It is the fusion of specialty aluminum with today’s latest in advanced yoyo technology making mastering the most advanced tricks easier with this durable and stylish precision instrument.

Preliminary Specs Based on Initial Prototype

Material: Specialty Aircraft Aluminum
Color: Brushed / Polished
Weight: 66g
Diameter: 2.24in or 56.9mm
Gap Width: .1675in or 4.25mm
Width: 1.7in or 43mm
Trapeze Width: 1.3in or 33mm
Low Response Bearing: “Large” or “Size C” – 0.500od x 0.250id x 0.1875w
Tug Response Bearing: “Narrow Large” – 0.500od x 0.250id x 0.125w