Small is Huge! Its String Time. Get into The State of Yo -
String Time!

Its String Time! Get into the State of Yo! This Small is Huge Fun! Our lives are increasingly crowded with material things. Easily fitting into the smallest pocket and taking up virtually no space on your desktop, this mini is totally unobtrusive. Yet, when you are ready to enter the relaxing “STATE OF YO”, the POCKET ROCKET is instantly ready to take you there. More than a popular fashion accessory, this smaller-than-yo is precision designed featuring a high-speed bearing and specifically weighted to ensure plenty of spin time. With Turbo Disc technology to deliver total predictability and control, with a bit of practice, your performances will be commanding standing ovations! Use care while playing, this yo-yo has super smooth spins and can snap back faster than expected. Note: Due to its small diameter, The Pocket Rocket is not recommended for looping tricks.

Happy Yoing!