The quest for perfection takes us on many journeys, exploring the world for inspiration. Tom Kuhn is ecstatic with this new Silver Bullet Titanium yo-yo, a delightful collaboration with Elvin Lim (Round Spinning Objects) whose attention to detail, creativity, innovation in advanced yo-yo technology and machining mastery takes the SB Ti to the pinnacle of form and function. For Tom Kuhn, it is the culmination of a legendary quest for the perfect yo-yo, a passion for design, aesthetics, durability, and performance. We are thrilled with the results.

The SB Ti is for players of all skill levels and two unique styles of play, responsive and non-responsive platforms. For new players and seasoned vets, young and young at heart.

Responsive: Install one of the narrow bearing blanks and short axles included, then double loop the string on the axle. In this mode of play, the traditional “tug on the string” to cause the yo-yo to return to the hand is required. In this mode it is also a great stress reliever for those simply enjoying the therapeutic, calming “State of Yo”.

Non-Responsive: Install the large “C” bearing and long axle included. In this mode of play, your SB Ti is assembled for non-responsive play. Use of a bearing remover is recommended. Be sure to use the correct axle length to avoid damaging this fine-tuned instrument.

Included with your SB Ti investment:
Certificate of authenticity in the form of a vampire killing Kit, Meditating Tom Kuhn enamel pin, Weight Rings – 2, Semi-Response Bearing: “Half Spec” – 0.500od x 0.250id x 0.125w  – 1, Low Response Bearing: “Large” or “Size C” – 0.500od x 0.250id x 0.1875w
Tug Response Bearing Blank (2.8); Gold – 1, Tug Response Bearing Blank (2.4); Blue – 1, Axles; 7 mm – 2, Axles; 8 mm – 3 (1 installed), Replacement CLYW Slim / G2 G-Grip (type 50) size landing pads, Blue String – 1,

Material: Raw Titanium
Color: Polished
Diameter: 54mm
Weight: Adjustable 60.01 – 61
Gap Width: Adjustable
Width: up to 34mm