Snow Days and Hot Yo-Yos

SNOW DAYS AND HOT YO-YOS Yo-yoing is the preferred indoor sport this time of year. While January’s days are growing longer, in New England, the thermometer struggles to climb out of the single digits. Packing my SB2 and Black Cat (easier … Read More

The Sound of Joy

In this loud and complicated world we, the global community have cultivated, sometimes a little break is all that is needed to recharge your energy level. Take a precision-tuned TK yo-yo for a spin. As you listen to the whirring sound … Read More

Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos are Made in USA

Tom Kuhn’s Precision Yo-Yos are Made in The USA For over three decades, Tom Kuhn has designed and produced high-precision yo-yos exclusively in the USA. In the early days, Tom set up a small shop on the corner of Haight … Read More

String Time II

Oh Yeah…It’s string time! Save 20%, set yourself free and travel to your State of Yo. Your code: stringtime2 Happy Yoing

Reflections And The State of Yo

Time for Reflection and The State of Yo… With the recent natural disasters of the past month or so, the most skilled journalist’s headlines are tugging at our emotions. Now more than ever, a few basic yo-yo tricks can deliver much-needed, … Read More

Yo-Yo At The Pinnacle

Yo-Yo At the Pinnacle.. On this day, of this week, in this year, and with a deafening buzzing in my brain I packed my new, favorite Black Cat yo-yo in my hiking pack and started climbing. As I ascended, I … Read More

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