Reflections And The State of Yo

Time for Reflection and The State of Yo… With the recent natural disasters of the past month or so, the most skilled journalist’s headlines are tugging at our emotions. Now more than ever, a few basic yo-yo tricks can deliver much-needed, … Read More

Yo-Yo At The Pinnacle

Yo-Yo At the Pinnacle.. On this day, of this week, in this year, and with a deafening buzzing in my brain I packed my new, favorite Black Cat yo-yo in my hiking pack and started climbing. As I ascended, I … Read More

Best Summer Yet! 2017!

Summer of 2017 Could Be Best Ever!! Bag is packed! Checklist: Yo-Yos and Accessories Black Cat, SB2, Pocket Rocket, Bare Necessities Leather pouch, #8 Cotton yo-yo strings, Turbo Discs, Spare axle shaft, PR axle shaft, Ball Bearing (for all TK … Read More

Yo-Yo Tricks Are Adventures

Enter the realm of advanced yo-yo choreography… Yo-Yo tricks are adventures in geometry, timing, concentration and self-expression. Tom Kuhn’s adjustable gap, ball bearing yo-yos will take you into the uncharted realm of advanced yo-yo choreography! The astonishingly long spin potential … Read More

The Art of Play in The State of Yo

Take time to unwind. Enjoy the Art of Play In The State of Yo Yo-yoing for me is more than a progression of mind boggling, high-speed string maneuvers. The instrument and its play becomes in part, art and part therapy. … Read More

Art of Play 4th of July 200 Giveaway

Art of Play $200 Giveaway! Ready to play? Here’s how it works… Simply create an account, signup to receive the newsletter and purchase one or more of the Tom Kuhn items listed below on Use code ARTOFPLAY200 at checkout … Read More

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