Springtime, Pearly Whites and The State of Yo


Springtime At Last!

Another very long, cold winter is nearing it’s end and with warmer temps finally creeping in, the long johns and snow shoes are once again tucked away for another season! Hence, the State of Yo is moving outdoors! Love is in the air!!

Inspired by this nearly euphoric State of Yo, not to mention warmer days, a rummage through a storage space ensued. After what seemed to have been an eternity, there it was, a box of the old pearls! After blowing away layers of dust, voila! The old Pearly White Roller Woodies look like they were made yesterday. https://tomkuhn.com/shop/roller-woody-pearl-white-blue-stripe/

Smooooooth! No vibration! Silent spin! With a fairly forceful throw… 30 minutes goes by (or what seemed an eternity… maybe a minute)…, there’s time to watch a yo-yo scene from Earnest Goes To Africa…. Maybe it stopped spinning….  No, back to the hand safely!

In conclusion, we invited you to try one for yourself. Join the State of Yo.

Happy Yoing