Yo-Yo Tricks Are Adventures


Enter the realm of advanced yo-yo choreography…

Yo-Yo tricks are adventures in geometry, timing, concentration and self-expression. Tom Kuhn’s adjustable gap, ball bearing yo-yos will take you into the uncharted realm of advanced yo-yo choreography! The astonishingly long spin potential allows you the time to learn previously impossible moves and then invites you to embellish them! For example, when strolling outdoors, I might do 10 to 15 around the worlds, catch the yo-yo on the trapeze and still have enough spin to do some pinwheels, only to catch it back on the trapeze again before ending the trick with a double “skin-the-cat”! If an onlooker is around, be prepared to answer some questions about your yo-yo!

As you progress though the tricks section of the “Art of Play” instruction manual systematically and you will gain the skills needed to propel you into the advanced “State of Yo!” Along the way, be sure to take pride in mastering these basic tricks too;

  1. Removing the occasional knot
  2. Winding the yo-yo quickly
  3. “Tuning up” the yo-yo efficiently
  4. Dismantling and assembling the yo-yo without dropping it or loosing part

Enjoy and Happy Yoing